What’s our story?

24 Hours For Change is a grassroots social movement for tangible, systematic change in the areas of climate change, the environment and human rights.

Working in solidarity with not-for-profit organisations, we raise awareness of specific global issues while offering the solutions and tools for change.

With each project, our work is culminated into a 24-hour period of concentrated social media activity that we call The 24 Movement. The 24 Movement is the collaborative effort of an army of social-activists and influencers from around the globe cohesively actioning our narrative.

The movement drives social-activists and change-markers to build awareness and offer solutions, as well as use our toolkits to directly contact corporations, politicians and policy-makers, via social media, email and through individually-run events.

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Banner image at the top of the page by The Vortex Swim/Josh Munoz.